Lech Lecha (go for yourself) Torah Portion 3 Genesis 12:1 – 17:27

Background: This Torah portion begins at the end of 2,000 years of human history. This is the end of the period of desolation (Tohu) that was foreshadowed by the first two alephs in Genesis 1:1. These alephs were in the 3rd place, showing that the Torah was not known or followed. It was known to those who sought to know Elohim. Ten Generations had passed from Adam to Noah, and ten generations had now passed from Noah to Abram. Abram was born 1,948 (1,946?) years from creation, and he was called seventy-five years later after the first two thousand years were ended. After 20 generations, Yahweh would use Abram to begin His plan to redeem mankind.

Lech Lecha  = go for yourself

Events in this Torah portion:

  • Yahweh called Abram to leave his family and go to the land He would show him.
  • Yahweh would bless those who blessed Abram and curse those who cursed him.
  • Abram arrived in Shechem, and Yahweh told him He would give him the land.
  • Abram moved east of Bethel and built another Altar.
  • Abram went to Egypt because of the famine.
  • Sarai was taken by Pharaoh.
  • Yahweh afflicted Pharaoh because of Sarai, and he returned her to Abram.
  • Abram and all his household left Egypt with much wealth because of Sarai.
  • Abram returned to the Altar at Bethel.
  • Lot separated himself from Abram and settled near Sodom.
  • Yahweh promised Abram all the land he could see and that his offspring would be numerous.
  • Abram walked through the land and moved to Mamre (Hebron) and built an Altar there.
  • Four kings attacked and captured five cities and took many prisoners, including Lot.
  • Abram attacked them at night and rescued the prisoners, including Lot.
  • Abram is met by Melchizedek, and Abram gave him a tenth, but took nothing for himself.
  • Yahweh told Abram his reward was great and his offspring will be as numerous as the stars.
  • Abram believed Yahweh, and it was counted to him as righteousness.
  • Abram asked how he would know that he would inherit the land. Yahweh told him to divide animals for a blood Covenant. Yahweh vowed to give the land to Abram.
  • Hagar was given to Abram, and she conceived, but then turned against Sarai.
  • Sarai dealt harshly with Hagar; Hagar fled and an angel spoke to her.
  • The angel told Hagar that her seed would be unable to be counted because of its multitude.
  • Ishmael’s descendants would be against each other, but would live in the same lands.
  • Yahweh appeared to Abram as El Shaddai, changing his name to Abraham, and He made him the father of nations. Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah.
  • Abraham was promised a son through Sarah.
  • Ishmael would be blessed in multitude, and 12 princes would come from him.
  • The Covenant will only be established through Isaac who would be born in one year.
  • Abraham circumcised all males in his household.

Haftarah Reading: Isaiah 40:27-41:16

Renewed Covenant: Romans 3:19-5:6